Cord Cutting to Heal the Sacral Chakra


Throughout life, we attach cords to different people through our sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is our sexual energy center. Anyone we have had sex with or have experienced a close emotional bond with, we typically create sacral chakra cords with.


If we have too many of these cords, it can strongly inhibit our growth and ability to have boundaries in relationships. It can also inhibit our ability to be creative.

If we are giving ourself and our sacral energy away too much through energetic cords, then we will be ungrounded, because the sacral chakra is one of the lower chakras. It is depicted in orange in the above on the left— the lower 3 chakras grounding us to the earth and to physical reality, and the upper 3 chakras allowing us to access the more spiritual and intuitive realms of the mind.

Sometimes, we are still corded to our parents past an appropriate age, and so we must cut those energetic cords as well. Often neither party is aware that the cord is even there, so it's important for you to do this work once you do become aware of the way it may be impacting you.

To cut cords, simply bring the "cord" to your awareness. You can do a cutting motion with your hand, moving it back and forth, and announce either out loud or in your mind, "please remove these cords." When you do this, you are speaking to your subconscious/higher self. Do this until you feel some relief. You must remove energetic cords from anyone (past or present) that may have corded to you when you were not aware of it, or that you may have corded to. Anyone who you experience codependent energy with shares a cord with you in the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra, especially for women, is our power center. If you want to fully step into your power, you must heal the sacral chakra. Some ways to do this include eating orange-colored fruits and vegetables, performing cord-cutting, doing inner-child healing work, getting craniosacral therapy, going to the chiropractor, and doing yoga.

emily herron