Want to be More Creative? Heal Your Third Eye & Sacral Chakras

After doing extensive healing work on my own chakra system, I have made some very interesting discoveries.

The more intention I focused upon my sacral and third eye chakras, the more creative I became. I became a better and more intuitive chef (cooking became easy and fun), started creating better outfits for myself, became better at design (in terms of designing rooms in the home), and started to see the world from a whole new perspective–from that of an artist.

It really is all about energy, as we are starting to understand. It may seem that some people are more talented and creative than others, but I truly believe it’s only because some people are less blocked within certain parts of the energetic chakra system than others.

Each chakra has different attributes and associations. The sacral chakra is linked to creativity– but so is the third eye. In my own experience, experimenting on myself, the sacral chakra is more linked to the ability to create, in terms of productivity, whereas the third eye is linked to intuition– when we are more in tune with the intuition, which connects us to higher dimensions/the spiritual realm, we are more able to see the world as the giant art project that it is. We feel more connected to a part of ourself that is greater than us– which gives us a drive to want to “co-create with the universe.” The more we continue to heal and open the third eye chakra, the more free we feel to express our higher selves– which is the “self” as it is connected to oneness with the universe (which is also linked to the crown chakra).

Many of us are also very blocked in the lower chakras, which is where the energy starts flowing through the energetic chakra system via kundalini– especially the sacral chakra. In our Western society, casual and frequent sex is common. Many of us have sexual addictions whether we are aware of it or not. When we start healing these past sexual traumas, we actually are healing the sacral chakra, and so our creative potential (the sacral chakra being where the creative/reproductive organs are located), rises.

Essentially, any work we do on the energetic chakra system will lead to great healing and results. As energy works– the more you put in, the more you will get out, because energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So just as self-improvement works from a physical perspective– continuing to work on the self leading to self-improvement, from an energetic perspective, this is because whatever you put energy into, self-improvement being putting energy into the self, you will get that energy back with being healed.