Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder (DPDR) as Soul Death


I experienced depersonalization disorder from 2013 – 2018, though to a lesser extent over time. In order to heal from this disorder, I had to undergo a journey of self-discovery.

It was upon this journey that I started learning about spirituality and the existence of the soul. I had never been inclined towards these types of thoughts or beliefs before– in fact, I was extremely disconnected from any notion of a soul, and was turned off from God by religion.

Through my healing process, I learned about soul retrieval. It is similar to what Harry Potter goes through in searching for horcruxes. Essentially, we all have soul horcruxes as well. As we age, through what we are taught by society and our families, we lose parts of our innate divinity of the soul. When we are treated with disrespect and in unkind or unloving ways, our soul fragments, and we get stuck.

When we develop DPDR, we have usually experienced so much trauma to the soul that I liken it to a soul death. We exist in a contracted state of consciousness, due to the large levels of shame, grief, fear, anger, etc. that we are holding within our emotional bodies. It is a true experience of hell on earth, and we become aware of the true nature of reality, essentially because our soul has “died”– the truth that reality is indeed an illusion.


More and more people will begin to experience DPDR and other similar illnesses as the human collective accumulates more and more traumas through the emotional body. People will be unable to cope and will be in a lot of pain due to these hidden emotional traumas.

On this healing journey I have been on, I have had to search for my own “soul horcruxes” in order to find myself and become whole and healed again. I have had to figure out what sparks and ignites my soul versus what diminishes it and contracts it. And I have had to heal the contracted parts of my soul through love and acknowledgement.

The “soul” or emotional body can become stuck at different ages from our past development, and perhaps even from past lifetimes. We come into each lifetime with karma to heal, and this is our purpose as souls on Earth. But many of us have forgotten this and so we behave in ways that are self-destructive and diminish the soul, as well as the souls of others.

In order to fully heal the soul, we can go back and reprocess or remember these traumas, instead of doing what is typical– to ignore/repress/shame ourselves for having experienced them. We must love and forgive both ourselves and the people who did these things to us, by understanding each individual perspective.

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emily herron