55 Ways to Raise and Heal Your Energetic Vibration, Expand Consciousness & Access Your Inner Divinity

  1. Take a walk in nature

  2. Sun-bathe

  3. Start drinking naturally sourced water

  4. Earthing -- making direct contact with the earth through your feet or body

  5. Listen to healing tones for the chakras such as from Meditative Mind

  6. Sun-gaze to decalcify and activate the pineal gland

  7. Take a salt bath

  8. Eat a wider variety of colorful and nutrient-rich foods

  9. Color therapy -- look at and focus upon brightly colored items and notice how this makes you feel

  10. Try practicing mindfulness during various activities

  11. Do yoga

  12. Go for a run

  13. Dance

  14. Do an art project

  15. Do a phone/social media detox

  16. Take and share nature photos

  17. Journal to express and release emotions and heal your throat chakra

  18. Color in a coloring book

  19. Get reiki

  20. Work with crystals directly on the body

  21. Go camping

  22. Hike to the top of a mountain

  23. Mindful/tantric sex/self-pleasure

  24. Work with essential oils through aromatherapy to activate the senses

  25. Start noticing how your body feels in different situations

  26. Breathe more deeply

  27. Self-massage with massage oils

  28. Buy fresh flowers and smell them

  29. In particular, buy roses and smell them

  30. Work with flowers on the body

  31. Paint a picture

  32. Clean your room

  33. Get rid of old clothing

  34. Clean out a cluttered drawer or cabinet

  35. Clear our your social media feed

  36. Start eating better quality meat

  37. Make a new friend

  38. Sing

  39. Brush your hair

  40. Massage your breasts

  41. Eat a home-cooked meal

  42. Pet a dog/cat

  43. Play with a child

  44. Practice facial yoga

  45. Get acupuncture

  46. Walk around the house naked

  47. Learn a new language

  48. Touch and massage different parts of your body that you usually wouldn't

  49. Try craniosacral therapy

  50. Light a candle and stare at the flame

  51. Smoke weed

  52. Listen to music

  53. Go bird-watching

  54. Notice where you are giving away too much energy in different situations

  55. Give/receive a hug

emily herron