About Emily

Emily is an intuitive healer/shaman, author, creative, and channel of the divine. She enjoys helping others understand their own behaviors and how to change them for optimal health and functioning of the mind, body, and spirit.

Emily received a Bachelors in Science degree in Public Health from UC San Diego with an emphasis in behavioral health. She also took courses in the History of Science, Medicine, and Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, a professional chemistry fraternity. She believes that everything is connected— the science and the spiritual. She also strongly believes in the healing potential and power of art and creativity, and is a huge proponent and supporter of it.

Emily discovered CERT and SRM after struggling with and healing herself from several mental health conditions after the death of her mom when she was 20 years old. She is passionate about holistic health and enjoys spending lots of time in nature, cooking, listening to music, creating, and spending time with family.

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