About emily


Emily is a San Diego native, passionate writer, nature-lover, survivor of narcissistic abuse, and ardent promoter of self-love. 

Emily started the spiritual awakening process after her beautiful mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and then passed away when she was 20 years old. Emily had to drop out of college, move halfway across the country from Wisconsin back to San Diego and start a new life, much different than the one she had been so diligently planning for many years. 

Crippled with a severe dissociative/anxiety disorder called depersonalization-derealization disorder (DPDR), Emily crawled out from the depths of mental illness hell by loving herself endlessly and relentlessly even when it appeared that no one else did. She went from seemingly trying every antidepressant on the market to developing her own method for overcoming mental illness--which she now views as spiritual illness. 

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