Be like a plant growing towards the light.

It all started when…

My mom got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when I was 19 years old. I was a college student and had just finished my sophomore year. My life got flipped upside-down. Everything I thought was true and stable had been pulled from under me. My loving and friendly mother, who always seemed to be so strong, who was always on the move, was now spending her days in bed not talking to anyone. Pancreatic cancer has a 5% survival rate, and as a former nurse, my mom knew her odds were not good. The rest of the family was in a state of denial-- me, my three younger sisters, and my father. We didn't know how to cope with the diagnosis. None of us knew how to live without her... until we had to learn.

My mother passed away only 9 months after her diagnosis. By that point, I was no longer in school. I had dropped out during the fall semester because I developed a severe dissociative/anxiety disorder called depersonalization disorder. It is relatively rare and unknown, but extremely disturbing to experience. It was what I now come to realize as a spiritual awakening, or pre-awakening. I was no longer on the life path that I had spent my entire life imagining for myself. I was no longer a student, which had been a core part of my identity. NOTHING from my former life seemed to satisfy me in the same way anymore. So I had to try a new approach.

After 5 years on this spiritual path, slowly but surely, I reached a state of spiritual enlightenment. I wasn't looking for it-- I was just trying to feel better. The more I worked on myself, the better I felt. Until finally-- BAM. I was wide awake. And for the first time I could remember since childhood, I was consistently happy. I believe my purpose in this life is to spread the message of healing to others, using techniques from Eastern and Western medicine, psychology, and philosophy, so that they too can heal and be happy.